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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

El Coco vs Lazaro

My dear friend Lazaro alias Douglas,

Thank you for your wonderful 'dissection' of Rashid's character, El Coco, as well as Rashid himself. He is thoroughly impressed with your incisive explanation of his bodily parts and wishes you to congratulate you on this.

However please note, Lazaro alias Douglas, that this is not a 'Bridge that is Broken' and that Lazaro is simply a character within the confines of ONLY three, albeit 'short' in appearance, scenes and therefore any attempts to elevate the status of one Lazaro is futile, underhanded and downright desperate. And you do die in the story; there are no two ways about it and NO, you cannot die singing either. No scenes will be added either to enhance your character's scene time as it will only prolong an already well executed play.

Please also note that there are some inaccuracies in your information being (no need to wonder) :

1. LEGS - Rashid is of AVERAGE height, neither tall nor short.
2. ARM MUSCLES - Inherited from Grandfather on mother's side.
3. STOMACH MUSCLES - Had them a few years back. Being re-built for the role of El Coco
4. 80's MUSIC KNOWLEDGE - Rashid is older than Alvin therefore he must have acquired the knowledge from Rashid
5. EYES - Slitty MELANAU eyes. Melanaus are fishermen originally and therefore exposed to the sun and sea constantly.
6. FACE - Well... God knows... because God is proud of his creation.

Obviously, there are other mistakes in your evaluation but this is not the time or place to quarrel such trivial matters.

If you have any other queries on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Rashid.

Remember, El Coco IS the SUPERSTAR in this story and he will not relinquish his crown in this play/love story so easily. And as Rashid is playing El Coco, then that means he is the SUPERSTAR as well in this production.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Cesar Guerrero / El Coco / RS

p.s. Remember, Lazaro is only a MINOR character.



Blogger midnite lily said...

mrrreeooww... heehee...

12:24 AM  
Blogger stacy said...

Nembiak Sarawak rules!!That one is for you, Rashid. Watched the show yesterday afternoon with your regular TBS caller and winner, my mad cousin Devonshire. The both of us enjoyed the show very much that we wanted to wave at you and said "sitok...sitok" during the end of the show. HAHAHAHAH. Anyway, kudos to you and the rest for a job well done. Chow lok ....

11:40 AM  

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