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Saturday, October 07, 2006

on grammar and rehearsals

Since we're on the topic, shouldn't the countdown timer say "before the dead come to life"?
Anyway, tomorrow we start rehearsing the whole of Act One. We're supposed to be pretty much off the script by now. I've been practising at home, but I've realized that:
1. I still muck up my lines during rehearsals
2. It never looks/sounds the way it does in one's head or in front of the mirror once you're actually doing it. For real. With other actors.
Gavin also frequently reminds me about my levels. Well at least it was so in the beginning. Now its more like this: we gather around after running a scene and he goes, "Douglas, bla bla bla" or "Michael, bla bla bla". And then he goes, "Melissa....." *smile*. And I get it. The hardest thing so far was having to remind myself to keep my levels up, or to not rush through my lines.

I'm getting nervous.

By the way, Kennie Dowle is a strong person.


Blogger U-En said...

It is done. The undead have been pluralised.

Now I shall go back to sleep. And wait for the Indonesians to stop burning down their island.

8:33 AM  

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