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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is douglas lim's 7th posting

Ah...the 7th posting. You all know know what this means right? It's QUIZ time. FiL is a play with lots of words which form lots of phrases which form lost of sentences. Tt's quite dense (in terms of words). Personally, I like words. The only problem is, you can only appreciate a group of words if you understand the meaning.
Thus I have included this QUIZ for potential viewers of FiL. It basically gives you a sneak peak at some of the "killer lines" that will be heard during the play. But more than that, it makes you think of the explicit and implicit meaning.
To cater to our all post-SPM readers, the QUIZ is in Multiple Choice Format.


1. "There are monsters out there tonight, roaming around, looking for love. And when they find it...endless night." Why is it "endless night" when monsters find love?
a) Monsters take a long time to climax during love making.
b) Something happens to the Sun at this time.
c) "Monsters" is a metaphor for "Mat Rempits" and "Endless night" means a night in the lockup.
d) Dunno, Dun Care!

2. "He cut them up, made new children - endless combinations. Day old babies with horses' heads." What other "combinations" could there be?
a) Cows with horses' bodies (aka as a real skinny cow)
b) Snakes with a politicians' head
c) A Chinese comic actor with Johnny Depp's sex appeal (aka Douglas)
d) A "Dunno" with a "Dun Care"

3. "If I'm excrement and you're less than me, what does that make you?" Answer this question.
a) Urine
b) Peter Andre
c) Fart
d) The liquid shit that pretends to be fart until you let one go and shit yourself.

4. "Once they get their hands on a wet, sloppy fish, there's no stopping them. They just go beserk. Start pulling off its skin, licking it all over - " What fish do you think this is?
a) Siakap
b) Koi
c) Bawal
d) Ikan Bakar

5. "You'll never be human. Look at yourself. You're a walking cemetary, a paradox, a contradiction." Is this a wise thing to say to a monster?
a) No
b) No
c) No
d) Dunno, Dun Ca-ARRGGGGHHH!!! Help Me!!! Somebody Help Me!!!!!

6. "Health is an appalling betrayal, you're right." What the hell does this mean???
a) Something to do with insurance.
b) The doctor always says that it won't hurt...then he pokes you with a needle and IT HURTS!
c) Your cholesterol is low, your BP is stable and you're fit...but you're ugly and no one loves you so you commit suicide.
d) It means that the guy that said "health is an appalling betrayal" was right in saying so.

7. "You want some Beaujolais (wine)? It's not a particularly good year but it goes with anything." What is the perfect food pairing for Beaujolais?
a) Satay
b) Roti Banjir
c) Maggie Goreng
d) Dunno, Dun Care. Yaaaammm Siiiiinggg!!!

8. "My back feels as though it wants to split. And my face gets tight, as though someone's pressing on it from behind." What could cause such symptoms?
a) Back and face desease
b) Too much I-Gallop
c) Owing some gangsters a lot of money
d) Beaujolais and Roti Banjir

9. "I disgust myself, I hate myself, stealing from the dead." If not the dead, who should we steal from?
a) The paralyzed
b) The blind
c) Gavin Yap
d) The government. They started it!

10. "The fire is on the stairs." What does this mean?
a) Fire is a dynamic force that can go up and down.
b) Stairs are flamable.
c) It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes.
d) Use the lift.

For answers, check with Gavin.

Ok, thank you.


Blogger El Coco said...

With the type of 'words' you write late at night, people wonder why you aren't awake before 11am... *sigh*

6:59 AM  
Blogger Natasha said...

??? (speechless...)

Just stumbled on this in my attempt to read something about Frankenstein (as I obviously have nothing better to do since it's my last 3 days at work) so that I'd be able to understand it when I watched it; especially since I haven't understood anything that you've told me so far... I think I'm more confused than ever...

Maybe I'll just stick to reading stuff from dogs with blogs...

9:17 AM  
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