(+8 GMT) before the undead come to life

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What a trip.

Since I'm into really dark art (as those who know me probly know by now) you can't imagine how much fun I'm having with this play. Gavin is a kickass director and the cast is da shizznit. The makeup looks awesome and the script is written by CLIVE BARKER!! Waht more could a simple guy like meself ask for.

But seriously. I can tell that this is one of those experiences I'm gonna remember forever and ever and ever *geez I sound like a little girl but yeah I'm hyped and you should be too!!

'It is the last long night of the world....the last...the very last'

Talk about an opening line. From the moment the very first reading with the entire cast concluded, you could see that we had all just come back from an unbelievable ride...
Thru a place both funny and sad and reminiscent of our own world...where monsters and angels
exist and sometimes wear different faces.

The lead character (El Coco), an undead Che Guevara with stitches is principled and deadly...a complex mirror of ourselves.

'I will be human! And you will treat me as such!'

Just hearing this play unfold and seeing the visual layout of the piece is a real treat. The experience is invaluable and I LOVE my character.

The gentleman with a vendetta. My character (Follezou) or Eddie to his friends is one half of Veronique (The Bride of Frankenstein's) justice brigade. I'm good with my hands...I devise tricks...
Mattos, my fellow angel of death likes the meat...
And it's feeding time...


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