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Monday, September 25, 2006

Cockatoo Diary 2.

We found a colony of geeks / frreaks today. They lived in small little huts on the outskirts of a larger town which we had just razed.

They were disgusting.

I hate freaks. They have no brains. They have no idea of civilized behaviour. They're not human. I believe they should be exterminated. They are an eye sore and the mere sight of them makes my stomache turn and ache.

I asked Cesar if we should raid the colony of freaks but he said to leave them alone for they were not a threat. They did not hinder the revolution. The town we razed on the other hand, were filled with the rich bourgeois that were part of the corruption that is President Perez's regime.

When I insisted that perhaps we should raze the colony anyway, Cesar turned to me very quickly with his right hand raised and looked like he was about to strike me, his eyes looked like they were on fire - staring me down - but then he slowly dropped his right hand to his left hand as if he was trying to hold it down.

Then he said, "Cockatoo, just do as I say."

Cesar scares me sometimes.


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