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Monday, October 02, 2006

Normal service will resume shortly.

Hello. This is U-En. Previously I was Fook, but now I am not.

Like Patrick I too exist in this play for one scene only. I have attended a grand total of two rehearsals, during which I was given the pleasant opportunity of spending quality time staring at the ceiling waiting for Rashid to deliver his lines, or throw me around, or prowl around like the Ravening Beast of Gevaudan, or do something in keeping with what he's supposed to do.

That is to say, I have been skiving. I have been thinking happy thoughts.

The reason why I am here now instead of doing more appealing things is to tell you that Endgame rehearsals have started again. Like Frankenstein, I have one scene only in Endgame and I get to spend the whole of it sitting down. Haha. Yes. That would be the only funny thing about that colossal pile of cow-dung, wouldn't it?

I haven't said anything about this in the Endgame blog for the very simple reason that nobody goes there now. Nobody went there then, either, except in the vain hope of seeing Gavin Yap naked, which they didn't, which is why they are here now. Fools.

Endgame reopens in Penang on the second Friday of November and runs till Sunday. During this time I shall spend the days lying dead, having been murdered by a lover of theatre. This shall no doubt vastly improve my acting abilities.

This is all the fault of Gavin Yap. And Lawrence.

That is all.

Thank you.


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