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Monday, October 02, 2006

This is Patrick Teoh's first post

Yeah I am the lazy one this time. I have been reading all the very creative posts here since Gavin started this. Frankly, I am awed by what all these young and talented actors can come up with in this blog. Yeah la, I was feeling a little inadequate about posting here la. But have to show the director that I am following his instructions to blog something ma. So this is it lor. At first I thought of blogging in character as deposed president Garcia Heliodoro Perez but then Michael has done that already as his character Cockatoo. Then I thought I would be funny but when I read U-En's posts I knew I could never be as funny. After that I thought that I would take some photos of the rehearsals and add some funny captions. First of all my photos turned out really shitty. Second of all as a cameo I only attend rehearsals once every couple of weeks with Mary George, Michael Chen, Melisa Maureen and Rashid Salleh. All of whom are very serious about their rehearsal time and so almost never do anything other than rehearse very seriously. So nothing much to blog about. Oh yes, Lawrence the stage manager is also there but he usually looks like he'd rather be somewhere else so can't blog much about him. And of course, Gavin Yap the director is there too. Most of the readers of this blog, male and female, only want to see photos of him naked and like I said I don't take good photos of anything.

And to all those people who keep asking me, after I tell them about this play, who is playing Frankenstein...the monster IS NOT Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the doctor who created those monsters. And since you asked, there are lots of those in the play. Also, corpses, entrails, skin, blood. Frankenstein is played by Kenny Dowle as you already now know. Last time I was on stage with him I got to stab him with a really sharp, cool-looking dagger. This time, I don't even get to be on stage with him at the same time.

Ah yes, almost forgot. My old friend and fellow member of the Chopped Liver society, Ari Ratos is in this production as well. This happened because Ari Ratos is a really nice guy and has never learned to say "No" to anyone. Too bad all the people asking have been guys. So Gavin gave him a call...well you know the story from Gavin's earlier post. See? I told you. I don't know what to post that hasn't been done already. Fuck! Fook? No that's U-En...fuck la I'm going to take a nap.


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