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Friday, October 06, 2006

Doctor Who?!.....

Greetings Bloggerverse!
Even though i am writing this from the comfort of my own keyboard i am feeling distinctly self conscious about making this post. This is due, in part, to "dear diary..." nature of blogs and the inexplicable way that some people pour their souls into these things (like Gavin and Michael) but also because Douglas and Patrick have set their stalls out to be the funny, foul mouthed, brainless ones contributing to this blog. How to compete?.... I gues the truth lies somewhere between two extremes! O.k. then, write what you know.
Here's one thing I know... when Gavin wheeled me in as the replacement Dr. Frankenstein for Mr. Maniam on the very day that the publicity shots were taken EVERYONE'S reaction betrayed these two thoughts
1. "f***! Are we really that desparate?"
2. "Are we sure Mano's that ill?"
Solidarity my brothers! The only other time I have felt that wanted in the company of a close knit group was that time i farted in a lift ride the the 30th floor! But, you know, an actor has to be thick skinned so i got over it.... then Reza felt that he had to part ways with the company and i'm left thinking " I can't be that bad...I'm not even in any scenes with him!!" but o.k. you roll with the punches. then last night Gavin "put the old tin lid on it" ( as Pinter would say) by criticising me for being "too shouty". Well i'm sorry Mr. Yap but if "shouty" was good enough for Joe Hasham in Julius Caesar then it's jolly well good enough for the likes of this production!!! Before thoughts 1 and 2 go through your head i will hasten to add that i am, in fact, "just kidding" and that it is clear to me that i have no soul to pour into this thing so i have slipped to the Douglas Lim's end of the scale! i'll try to be more informative (or at least factually accurate) next time!
more from DOCTOR WHO (is he?) later.
Kennie Dowle tm, copyright, cc, patent pending etc. appears (as always) courtesy of his mother!


Blogger Gavin said...

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3:14 PM  
Blogger Gavin said...

dude. you're too shouty. fuckhead.

3:17 PM  
Blogger patrickteoh said...

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2:47 AM  
Blogger patrickteoh said...

Ah I am reminded now why we got so much pleasure out of stabbing the bugger the last time. To shut him up. Too loud man!

2:48 AM  

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