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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

we open soon

I know what Gavin will say in his next post. It will begin like this: "It has been an interesting journey for me" ... Note that the elipsis is outside the quote mark. He likes epic words like 'journey' and has a habit of writing a great many of them, hence my bringing up this point of grammar. Actually, there are three points of grammar, if you go in for these things. People like Thor Kah Hoong do. Sadly.

I have trouble sleeping at night. So I shall beat young Gavin to his game and say this:

It has been an interesting journey for me. I am very new to acting, and am still convinced that I am not an actor, but an idiot. People like Gavin sometimes disagree with this painful piece of self-assessment, but I think they are idiots too, so no harm done.

Nevertheless, I have had a great time with two miserable buggers, to wit, Patrick Teoh and Ari Ratos; and I have had the honour and privilege of meeting some very talented people who are actors. Miss Melissa Maureen Rizal, Mr Dowle, Mr Michael Chen, and whatisname the fella with the beret who mops the floor.

Now, what Gavin normally says in his fifth para is: "This play will blow your mind."

I am not entirely sure what he means by the verb 'blow'.

Ah, I have suddenly discovered that I have work to do tomorrow. The problem is "tomorrow" has become "today". So more later.

Goodnight (morning) flesh.



It is 0215, 26th Oct. 2006. Again I can't sleep. No, not 'again'. Still. Anyway, to continue.

This play will blow your mind. It is an ambitious creature. So many things can go wrong, and, according to my friend Murphy who has some laws named after him, they will. Another thing Gavin likes to say in his fifth para is this: "It has been a humbling experience".

The line between humility and mortification is very fine. Reputations can be broken by this play. Any play, for that matter. But I don't have one to begin with, so it doesn't matter to me. This begs a question. I have to ask myself why I do it. The thrill of prancing around in public like an overcooked sausage (assuming overcooked sausages can prance around in public... it is late. My similes are weakening)? No. Not likely.

The Great Art of it? No. Not that either. Don't have a rat's arse to give about that. The wish to have the one most beautiful and intelligent woman in this transitory middle earth come up to you and coo "Oh, what a lovely performance. I love you with all my heart and soul"? No, that has not been my lot.

So why?


Blogger thor said...

I have maintained a saintly Mother Theresa-like silence for weeks while U-en has been using my name in this blog, like a straight-man in a comic duo, to bolster his limp quips. In this latest entry, he snidely suggests I am anal about grammar. Just because he doesn't know that 'ellipse' is spelt with 2 'l's. Now you know why our international educational ranking is lower than our national football team's ranking. Now we know why Gavin has cast him for this production - U-en is a natural for a lobotomised hulk.

4:44 PM  
Blogger U-En said...

haiya old man. you try typing this kind of crap at 2am and see if you can spell Thor Kah Hoong!

12:26 AM  
Blogger thor said...

Lucky for you then that at your birth your parents just decided to name you with the couple of leftover tiles at the tailend of a Scrabble game.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Gavin said...

both of you really have too much fucking time on your hands.....

1:05 PM  
Blogger U-En said...

"En" is not a Scrabble tile you shrivelled up old tit. Even I know that.

Some poor fools might mistake your "saintly and Mother Theresa-like" silence for wisdom and decorum. Now you know why our politicians are just one notch above rabid monkeys. Now you know what nature has done with the vacuum it abhors.

You can find it in between Thor's ears.

4:03 PM  

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