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Friday, October 06, 2006

Why I am mean to Lawrence

So, some of you are asking yourselves: "Why is U-En, who is normally such a nice caring warm cuddly funny friendly helpful person so mean to the poor whatsisname stage manager fella with the beret?"

The answer is this: Behold! Lawrence is not human. As such, he does not qualify for human rights protection.

I humbly submit proof of this bold and shocking claim:

From: Lawrence (address deleted)
To: Cast & Production (addresses deleted)
Date: 06-Oct-2006 10:14
Subject: Rehearsal Dates
Dear All,
Pls noted that tommorow ( 7/10/2006) rehearsal time has been change to 3pm - 6pm. All is called except Bozuffi & Fook.

From: U-En Ng
To: Lawrence
Date: 06-Oct-2006 10:26
Subject: Re: Rehearsal Dates
Dear Lawrence,
Pls noted that "pls noted" is Engrish of (CENSORED) (CENSORED) Orang. Pls also noted that Fook has already noted the change, as has Hamm.

From: Lawrence
To: U-En Ng
Date: 06-Oct-2006 10:28
Subject: Re: Rehearsal Dates
Mate, pls speak english.. i dont understand what u saying about pls noted..!! i say pls noted is because is noted to be noted down when they noted down so they can noted down.
Pls noted i understand.hehehe



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